Doomed – Daniel Barkle

« There’s always that one song on an album that sticks out and hits home. September 11th, 2015, Bring Me The Horizon released their 5th studio album – ‘That’s the Spirit’. Being my favourite band, I had their release on repeat, I exhausted it, but one song I never tired of – Doomed.

I feel that music gets taken for granted a lot of the time and it’s often only received at surface level. I took a great interest in the concept behind this album. I researched the themes of depression and loneliness, ultimately connecting with what the band were saying. I felt there was an opportunity to explore this album further and rework it into a printed medium, giving the songs a visual output.

In short, I pitched an idea to Sony about producing book packs for selected tracks on the album. This would consist of a small booklet, accompanied by an audio cassette. The content breaks down the lyrics, giving an educational but also artistic perspective on the subject matter – A celebration of a song that true music fans would connect with mentally and physically. »


> Daniel Barkle. 2015

CypherAudio – Format

Design & Animation : Andrew Vucko

Sound Design & Music : John Black

« Few can do what you do. Format is an online portfolio platform that is fully customizable and super easy to use. On top of that, they are incredibly open and creative collaborators. It was a pleasure creating this for them and being directly involved with the rebrand. This is an alt cut the launch video! »